• Patricia M., PM Events (47)

    ... Thank you all, musicians and dancers, it was great! See you on the next event we will do together.

    September 2015

    brazilian musician
  • Geneviève J., B. de Bigorre Feast Committee (31)

    ... Great show! Thank you for your performance and your smile, I hope till next year. Bravo ...

    May 2015

    capoeira player
  • C. Morel, Vinatis Org., Domène (38)

    ... Thanks a lot ... our guests were delighted ... A real happiness! What a lovely show!

    Januaryr 2014

    brazilian woman dancer
  • Mayor of Coulaures (24)

    ...Beautiful costumes and dancers, communicative musicians, impressive capoeira dancers, everything was perfect! ... Your show will be long in our memories...

    August 2014

    brazilian parade